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Deciding where to focus your career can be challenging, but we’re here to make the process easier.

Welcome to West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy, a 10-week program that allows you to receive your certifications in dental assisting, orthodontics, digital scanning, and more! Our students have the competitive edge when it comes to landing a job in the dental field after completing our comprehensive, hands on course. After all, we’re the only program in the Wasatch Valley that provides digital scanning certification, and we certify our students in orthodontics as well. We offer a flexible class schedule and have new classes starting every month. 

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Why Become a Dental Assistant

A Professional Work Atmosphere

Not only are dental assistants a pivotal aspect of any and every dental practice, but they’re also extremely respected for the work they do. As a dental assistant, you’re a dental professional and as such, are immersed in a professional, productive, and important work environment.

A Fair Wage

Dental assistants are very well paid and appreciated. Working as a dental assistant will ensure a steady, livable income — in Utah, the yearly income for a dental assistant average is between 28 thousand and 43 thousand dollars.

A Reliable Career

Dental assistants have great job security, as dental assistants are needed in every dental practice, no matter how big or small. Additionally, people will always need their teeth taken care of, so even in the face of an economic recession, you can rest assured that your job is secure.

Great Hours

Enjoy a 4 day work week with no nights or weekends! Most dental practices are open during traditional daytime hours, have holidays off, and can work full-time hours in 4 days to enjoy an extra day off! This means you will be in a job that takes care of you, values your time, and is looking out for your well-being.

Work Anywhere In Utah

By getting your dental assistant certifications from West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy, you will be certified to work as a dental assistant anywhere in the amazing state of Utah.

Let your smile brighten someone else’s. At West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy, we equip our students with all the knowledge needed to thrive in a career as a dental assistant. This growing industry is expanding faster than most others, and dentists are always in need of qualified, highly-skilled assistants. Plus, dental assistants are needed by specialists of all kinds, including endodontists, oral surgeons, implantologists, pedodontists, and orthodontists. 

The job outlook for dental assistants is extremely promising, and it’s truly a career that can both fulfill your passions and be financially fruitful. Register now for our 10-week program to hop on the fast-track to your professional goals.

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