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If your career dreams involve becoming part of an industry that helps others while encouraging you to grow and learn each day, you’ve come to the right place.

West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy proudly offers a comprehensive 10-week educational course that sets you on the path to dental success. 

Founded by Dr. John Peterson, this program creates competent and innovative dental assistants who are up-to-date on and certified in the latest dental technology and practices. We firmly believe in pushing our students to a new level of excellence and development. From online courses to in-person training in our Riverton dental facility, our program accounts for various learning styles and schedules.

At West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy, all aspiring dental assistants receive hands on training with modern dental technology such as digital scanning, as well as orthodontic extended functions certification. This will help set yourself apart from the competition when beginning your job search.

Tuition covers the entire program including books, materials, personalized certifications portfolios, and custom-made whitening trays. Get the start you need to enjoy success for years to come while aiding others. Contact West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy today to learn more. 

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