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Welcome to your future! You’ve decided to study the ins and outs of dentistry — how to brighten smiles, restore gum health, and eliminate pain for patients. We are so happy you’re turning to our team to help you reach your goal. Of course, you may have your doubts. What happens after you graduate our program?

At West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy, we want our students to succeed in their dentistry careers. Once you finish your time with us, we’ll stay by your side until you find a job as a dental assistant. In fact, 98% of our previous students have obtained a career in dentistry after graduation. So how do we do it?

A Professional Work Atmosphere

Not only are dental assistants a pivotal aspect of any and every dental practice, but they’re also extremely respected for the work they do. As a dental assistant, you’re a dental professional and as such, are immersed in a professional, productive, and important work environment.

A Fair Wage

Dental assistants are very well paid and appreciated. Working as a dental assistant will ensure a steady, livable income — in Utah, the yearly income for a dental assistant average is between 28 thousand and 43 thousand dollars.

A Reliable Career

Dental assistants have great job security, as dental assistants are needed in every dental practice, no matter how big or small. Additionally, people will always need their teeth taken care of, so even in the face of an economic recession, you can rest assured that your job is secure.

Great Hours

Enjoy a 4 day work week with no nights or weekends! Most dental practices are open during traditional daytime hours, have holidays off, and can work full-time hours in 4 days to enjoy an extra day off! This means you will be in a job that takes care of you, values your time, and is looking out for your well-being.

Work Anywhere In Utah

By getting your dental assistant certifications from West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy, you will be certified to work as a dental assistant anywhere in the amazing state of Utah.

We focus our energies into helping you sell yourselves and the skills you’ll acquire throughout our course. To do this, we get you in touch with some amazing dental practices in the area who are looking for great dental assistants. Each of our graduates is licensed and certified to work in the state of Utah, so no matter where you go within the state, you’ll be fully prepared for the work as a dental assistant.

The future looks bright to us. Call now to enroll in the West Mountain Dental Assisting Academy program for future assistants. We look forward to teaching you everything we know.


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